Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Notes from sitting in the chapel. Day 2 of "15 Days of Prayer with Saint Jeanne Jugan":

  • It is a privilege and a grace to do service/ take care of another
  • "Thank you for counting us worthy to stand in Your Presence and minister to you"
    • This extends to parents, siblings, people no one including you wants to talk to
  • It is a gift to another person to let another person help you - another opportunity for grace (Sr. Rosario)
    • Let Jesus be a Good Samaritan to you, not that you have any power over what He can and cannot do, but let yourself be served
    • Service should break down your pride not make you self-congratulatory
  • Failures/Sins are reminders of the weakness of nature/need for God; opportunity for grace
    • Lent not about "doing good", but to become re-aware
    • To seeone's own sin is a grace, a great grace
  • Pope JPII's Law of the Gift: All is given freely, you live to be a giving gift, as it were