Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Snap challenge -belated photos

I took the SNAP challenge.
I signed up ill-advisedly at the Interfaith fair to do the challenge with the humanist society, and last week was the week. To explain, the SNAP challenge is basically where you eat like someone on food stamps for a week, about four dollars a day. As a group, all participating pooled funds and bought in bulk, which made it a bit easier.A fellow student cooked the meals and delivered our food for the day to us each morning.
I don't have any dishes/silverware in my room so I used a foam plate which I washed after every meal.
The venerable object is below. I grew to have quite an affection for him (it is a male plate) by the end of the week....

 First day breakfast...Things were looking rough- bananas and seaweed. I ultimately gave up on trying to like the seaweed.

 Dinner on the other hand was AMAZING, rice and veggies. Slowly realizing that I would be eating carbs pretty much all the time.
 Yep, the kid cooking was a vegan, so carbs all. the time. Spinach pasta....
 mountainous heaps of spinach pasta....
 Dumplingy things with green savory stuff in 'em....
And a peach! All in all, I was quite happy I did it.

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