Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dorm room cleaning, Alabama Chanin and 7 days again !

Quick stuff: First! End of year cleaning in my little brownstone.....

This is a drawing by Andrea del Sarto which I copied...

My bulletin board...I also drew the sketch to the right for the Core Journal last spring..

St. Jeanne Jugan fraternizing with the Inferno.

These pics are of a piece of a tank I am making. The pattern is from Alabama Chanin. I first made a stencil and then sprayed it through on the gray jersey with black fabric paint. The lining is super soft purple jersey. I am stitching around each shape, because the plan is to do reverse applique. Should look a bit like this-

Except as a shirt, and purple instead of white...and a different pattern. Anyway, here is the progress so far. It is a lovely texture..

Some of the original stenciling..

Then the light started coming in beautifully...

Other news...back onto 7 days...today was yogurt,chocolate chips and blueberries for breakfast, salad with chicken for lunch, way too many sweets and salad with chicken again for dinner...On to Tuesday!

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