Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sewing Schtuff - Possible order of projects...


All images courtesy of Burdastyle and my Design board on Pinterest.

1. Dresses

This shift dress


Super simple... I think I would like to make it in pure this

Stephan Schneider  Ceramic Dress

This tank dress...

I love it (I also aspire to have hair like this model)

Again in terms of customization, I might be a bit less busy with prints. I would love to make it with some really heavy jersey.



2. Shirts

SO excited to make some shirts for summer...

From the same collection off Burdastyle, this cropped blouse..


I basically imagine this with buttons

this would be so comfy....  dolman sleeves, offset hem (I know there's a word for it, but I can't think of it at the moment), slight v-boatneck and cuffs.

Or this type of fabric...Basically stripes.


Then this dolman top


Again I would make this way more plain and comfortable... Do we sense a theme?
This fabric would be amazing...


And this top...I get more excited every time I think about it.

So cool! I like the linen-y fabric used here, It would also be super cool in striped material...
Steven Alan Ridley Tee, at La GarconneAce and Jig Spring 2014
Or in sweatshirt material


Also, how freaking cool would it be in fabric like this..!

Lastly, this tank-

I would make it in white, black, grey, or navy linen....or light black jersey..

As an aside, I think I am just going to try to figure out (maybe using some old thrift shop t-shirt) a striped tank like this one....


3. Skirt
Yep just one..
This 'un..

I would, almost definitely, make it in gray jersey..
Raquel Allegra  Basic Pencil Skirt

Or this.

4. Bottoms

These pants...


In THESE fabrics...(Mainly the first one)

Ace & Jig Track Pants - Zodiac

WOMEN DRAPE BOTTOMS (FLOWER) #uniqlo #pants #bottoms

or this fabric..

These black, dark green, or stripes


An then shorts!!! Either of these two patterns...



or elastic- (Yes it is the same picture from the tank top pic....)


But whichever one, I want to make 'em like this...

Grey, black, striped, patterned linen!
Jenora Striped Linen Short
Quiksilver / QSW  The Pool Stripe Linen Short

Striped Linen Shorts w/ Rope Belt

I know these are guys, but still...
church shorts? W/ polo. Gap | Stripe linen trouser shorts

Finally, these skinnies

But like this...

A bit looser...

In black -

Or grey denim
 Madewell Perfect Leather Motorcycle Jacket Fall 2013

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