Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lovely day...

Went to TMC graduation!!! It was a PERFECT day and a very special time not only for the graduates but for everyone who came. Gorgeous clean sunshine, friends from Kentucky, universal Catholic luncheon meat sandwiches, tons of young families, many, many of the New England Catholic milieu gathered into one joyous place...Mr. Jernberg, the obligatory SATB choir, the Mitchells with almost the entire is odd to watch everyone become so different and yet stay the same. The crowning moment(s) were certainly the speeches by President Fahey and Jonathan Reyes. President Fahey grew tearful in his address to the 18 seniors whom he clearly loved a great deal. He spoke of temperance, the "strength of life", of due rejoicing and due sacrifice. J. Reyes' address focussed around 3 words: gift, magnanimity, and encounter. Encounter was the most interesting - in being with someone to express to them joy at their existence. Not much more than that can be said, I think.

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