Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Words from a night not to be forgotten

"All of this comes to mind for me today as I think about the "big event" of the Eucharistic Procession and the blasphemous "satanic mass" that precipitated it.  I am reminded of my own need to deepen continually my devotion to the Eucharist.  These events beckon all of us to examine ourselves and to renew our love for the Blessed Sacrament.  Do I love the Eucharist?  Do I live a life that is coherent with the Eucharist that I receive?  Do I humbly examine myself before approaching to receive the Eucharist?  Do I spend time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and make visits to be with the Lord in the Eucharist?  Do I receive the Eucharist with reverence or am I distracted, careless, or even willful?  

In this instance, the "big event" ought to cause all of us who are Catholic to become more coherent in our life.  While we were rightly outraged at the intended sacrilege of the Eucharist by others, we ought to make certain that we do not simply become "protesters" in our relationship to the Eucharist. Instead, we ought to become more Eucharistic in our daily life.  This "big event" ought to deepen our desire to grown in Eucharistic intimacy.  We want to make sure that we ourselves are not sacrilegious, blasphemous, or careless.  

I think the "big event" of the Eucharistic Procession will bear the most fruit if it is followed by Catholics everywhere examining our own consciences and humbly confessing our sins and receiving absolution.  For me, the Eucharist Procession was an amazing witness of people showing their love for the Eucharist.  In my life, however, the far more powerful and convincing witness of Eucharistic Faith is seeing the daily procession of college students making their way to the confessional.  "

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